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Agylia extends reach into Australia and New Zealand with new partner Agylis ANZ

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Agylia is delighted to partner with Agylis ANZ to service the learning marketplace in Australia and New Zealand.

“The roll-out of the Agylia Partner Programme is a very exciting prospect for the Australia and New Zealand region,” said John Driscoll Managing Director of Agylis ANZ. “The region has long been considered early adopters of new and leading-edge thinking and technologies. The Agylia Learning Management System (LMS) brings to the Australia and New Zealand market a suite of advanced learning technologies, which will make significant inroads into the legacy LMS’s in the market, creating new potential for learning at all levels.”

The Agylia LMS is an agile, mobile and social platform that enables organisations to easily manage and deliver their digital learning and performance support materials, while providing the latest in modern learning experiences. With an in-built Learning Record Store (LRS) and support for the latest Experience API standard, Agylia makes the recording, tracking and management of learner acquired skills and competencies, gained both inside and outside of the organisation, a learner-centric focus.

With the range of Agylia mobile learning Apps - for iOS and Android devices - learners can download the digital learning and support materials they need, ready for access at the point of need on their own mobile devices - even while offline.

The Agylia LMS and Apps enable organisations to integrate mobile-ready learning into their learning and development programmes - increasing productivity, efficiency and engagement. 

“Agylis ANZ was a perfect choice for Agylia in the Australia and New Zealand region. John has over 25 years’ experience in the education and training sector. His in-depth knowledge and leadership across the Asia-Pacific region, including as State Director of Microsoft in Australia and 6 years in market development of world-class LMS technologies, makes him an ideal partner,” said Dennis Miller, International Channel Manager at Agylia. “We look forward to working with Agylis ANZ to make a real difference to clients in the region.”