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Agylia awarded Top 3 LMS Based on User Experience by eLearning Industry

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Agylia is delighted to announce that the Agylia Learning Management System (LMS) has been recognised as a world’s Top 3 LMS based on User Experience by eLearning Industry - the world’s largest online community of eLearning professionals.


eLearning Industry’s list of the 'Best Learning Management Systems based on User Experience' was based on input from actual LMS users and took into account a platform’s System Usability Score, Perceived Usefulness and Net Promoter Score. 

Reviewing the user experience of the Agylia LMS, Agylia customers commented:

“A smooth user experience beneath which beats the hearts of powerful functions and insightful data.”

“Highly functional modern platform, that is easy for the learner and administrator to use.”

“It's the best mobile LMS I have used because it works both on and off-line.”

Tim Buff, CEO and Chief Learning Strategist at Agylia said, “Providing great learning experiences and improving learner engagement are at the heart of our philosophy and are key to the development of the Agylia platform. We are pleased our customers and eLearning Industry recognise our commitment in providing learners with the best possible digital learning experiences.”

The recognition as a Top 3 LMS based on User Experience proves that Agylia’s learner portal and mobile learning App - both designed to enhance learning experiences - are amongst the most user-friendly available today.

For LMS administrators, Agylia provides an intuitive portal that enables a wide range of learning content to be quickly and easily uploaded ready for targeting to individuals or groups of learners.

As an agile, mobile and social LMS, Agylia enables organisations worldwide to provide their internal and external learners with easy access to eLearning, microlearning and performance support via an all-in-one powerful learning portal.

With the range of Agylia mobile learning Apps, for iOS and Android devices, learners can also access their digital learning resources anywhere - even offline - via their preferred tablet or mobile device.

With great user experiences and easy access to learning across a wide range of devices, Agylia increases engagement and user adoption of learning programmes.