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Agylia adds more modules to its Foundation Skills eLearning catalogue

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Agylia announces the availability of new titles as part of its Foundation Skills eLearning catalogue, which focusses on the key skills needed in today’s modern workplace.


The Foundation Skills eLearning catalogue, now featuring over 100 titles, provides a breadth of knowledge to support an individual’s development across a number of areas, including: Communication, Digital Literacy, Leadership, Personal and People Management, and Risk. All the courses are fully responsive and work on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

The catalogue is available immediately for customers of the Agylia Learning Management System (LMS), and enables organisations to provide their learners with a range of off-the-shelf digital learning content - equipping learners with the knowledge they need to become effective quickly.

Tim Buff, CEO and Chief Learning Strategist at Agylia said, “With the Agylia LMS and Foundation Skills catalogue, organisations can quickly deploy modern, high quality digital learning courseware to their people. They can combine our eLearning catalogues with custom courses and other learning resources - such as videos, podcasts and PDF documents - to provide learners with a path to knowledge and skills development.”

The eLearning courses within the Foundation Skills catalogue have been independently assessed and certified, by The CPD Certification Service, as conforming to Continuing Professional Development (CPD) guidelines.

The courses have been built with the latest responsive technologies, enabling the same course to be accessed via desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Whether learners are in the office, working away, or at home, they will be able to access the eLearning using their preferred device and at a time of their choosing.

Agylia’s range of eLearning catalogues - including Foundation Skills, Business Skills, Compliance, Financial Services, Social Care, Health, Housing and Hospitality - are continuously reviewed, with new and updated courses regularly released, providing organisations with a future-proofed learning solution.