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US software giant rolls out global training for 15,000 new managers with CM Group’s gamified Luminosity mobile induction programme

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Training solutions specialist, CM Group has completed the implementation of the new worldwide induction programme to new Managers at a leading international software company. Delivery to mobile devices means that this major induction initiative can reach new Managers wherever they are, with engaging, relevant and up-to-date training and support content.


The West Coast software giant chose CM Group to design and implement the innovative new Manager induction program in conjunction with the client’s HR department. CM Group provided training and support content optimised for mobile delivery. The range of Apps were built to link to CM Group’s Luminosity Motion cloud-based mobile learning platform, which enables users to download content, and consume it offline with full SCORM and usage tracking.

CM Group designed and built the mobile learning Apps as native Apps using Windows 8, which allows the user to access the App via their Windows 8 phone and tablet devices. The App was designed to incorporate Windows Touch gestures to provide an engaging and easy-to-use experience, essential to help drive adoption and encourage on-going usage.

The App provides Managers with bite-sized learning content including videos, articles, worksheets and quizzes on practical management topics. The just-in-time learning support provided by the App enables the Managers to deliver results through their team and to better address common staff management challenges.

Gamification principles were also incorporated into the App. The new Managers can earn points by carrying out various learning activities including reading articles, completing eLearning and mobile learning courses or undertaking quizzes. A competitive leader-board was integrated into the mobile learning platform with results displayed within the App, enabling the new Managers to see their position relative to their immediate colleagues. In addition to points, users are able to earn achievement awards (virtual badges, medals and trophies), and real world prizes. To support the automatic allocation, management and distribution of prizes in the form of electronic gift certificates, CM Group integrated the App with Tango Card, an online gift card platform.

Tim Buff, Chief Learning Strategist at CM Group said, “CM Group has delivered hundreds of learning projects over 13 years, and has built award winning eLearning content for this client. Because of our mobile learning solutions expertise, CM Group was approached to help them design and build their new and innovative mobile induction solution. The HR team have been great to partner with and quickly grasped the new opportunities which our mobile solution presented. We have worked closely together to develop and deliver a flexible and powerful mobile learning solution will really help their new Managers to better meet the challenges they face.”

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