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Orion Energy Systems to transform sales training with CM Group’s Luminosity Learning Management System and mobile learning Apps

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Orion Energy Systems, provider of energy retrofit solutions and services, has selected CM Group’s Luminosity range of mobile learning solutions to provide its sales representatives with the latest learning materials and performance support tools.

Orion Energy Systems will use CM Group’s Luminosity next generation Learning Management System and range of native mobile learning Apps to modernise the way training is delivered to sales representatives across the United States.

CM Group’s Luminosity mobile learning Apps will provide Orion Energy Systems’ sales representatives with easy access to reference and performance support materials, marketing and product information, and stock updates via their own personal iOS, Android and Windows 8 devices. The latest learning materials and update notifications will be sent directly to the Apps, enabling the materials to be available to them wherever and whenever required, even while offline.

Orion Energy Systems will use the Luminosity Learning Management System to deliver the mobile learning elements to its sales representatives in addition to delivering its existing learning programme to all staff for access on traditional PC and laptop devices.    

With its Learning Record Store (LRS), Luminosity supports Tin Can (Experience API) in addition to SCORM, enabling a richer set of learning activities to be tracked and reported. Both the formal (eLearning programme) and informal (mobile learning Apps) learning experiences can be captured, reported and analysed – providing Orion Energy Systems with a greater understanding of what learning content and materials are being used, how often and which learning activities are most popular with their staff.