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Luminosity from CM Group provides mobile learning delivery of retail sales training for The Sleep Council

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CM Group, a global leader in the field of innovative eLearning and mobile learning solutions, today announced that it has partnered with The Sleep Council, provider of advice and guidance on healthy sleep habits, to deliver The Sleep Council Sales Academy and Sleep Hub mobile learning App, both incorporating an interactive social forum.

The learning solutions, consisting of a leading-edge eLearning programme and mobile delivery of performance support materials, has delivered the UK bed industry’s first professionally accredited sleep-focused selling programme.

Simon Williams, Marketing Manager at The Sleep Council said “With CM Group’s eLearning and Luminosity mobile learning solutions we are able to deliver and track all the learning experiences of participating retail sales staff, whether it be via eLearning as part of The Sleep Council Sales Academy or via mobile learning with the Sleep Hub App. We have a clear picture of our whole learning programme and the positive impact it’s having upon retail sales staff.” 

CM Group’s instructional design team created the eLearning programme using Luminosity Studio, CM Group’s collaborative eLearning authoring solution. Luminosity Studio enables the creation of large volumes of high quality, engaging, HTML5 based eLearning. In addition to traditional access via PCs and laptops, eLearning created using Luminosity Studio can be accessed on the latest tablet devices.

CM Group’s Luminosity mobile learning Apps are used to provide retail sales staff with easy access to reference and performance support materials, such as Office and PDF documents, videos, news and blogs, via their own personal iOS and Android devices. Learning materials, latest news and update notifications can be sent directly to the Apps on smartphones and tablets, enabling the learning materials to be available wherever and whenever required, even while the device is offline.

A social forum within the Apps provides an interactive communications channel between The Sleep Council and the retail sales staff. Using the forum, shop based sales staff are able to discuss the latest sleep related news, developments and learning materials. The forum has also enabled The Sleep Council to identify and respond with possible areas of additional training.         

The eLearning programme and mobile learning elements are hosted on the Luminosity next generation Learning Management System (LMS). With its Learning Record Store (LRS), Luminosity supports Tin Can (Experience API) in addition to SCORM, enabling the capture of both formal and informal learning experiences. This has provided The Sleep Council with the ability to track and report on a significantly richer set of learning activities, giving them a greater understanding of retail sales staffs’ development paths.      

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