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Energise learners with gamification – enhanced features added to CM Group’s Luminosity Reach Learning Management System

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CM Group, a global leader in the field of innovative eLearning and mobile learning solutions, today announced the release of enhanced gamification features as part of Luminosity Reach, CM Group’s next generation Learning Management System.

The new gamification features drive greater learner engagement by introducing elements of scoring and competition to add interest and excitement to learning participation. L&D professionals have long recognised that elements of gamification can encourage learners to complete training assignments and return to training portals regularly. Now Luminosity Reach includes a powerful new gamification API and rules engine, enabling content, training programs and mobile learning Apps to incorporate leaderboards, points, and awards to further enhance learner participation.

Luminosity Reach’s rules-driven gamification engine is integrated at the heart of the platform. This centralised approach means that points and awards can be allocated as a result of any Learning Management System, mobile learning App or - with some simple integration via an API - any external learner activity that occurs across your organisation. This radical new approach is only possible because of the integral Tin Can capability of the Learning Management System.

This capability provides organisations with great flexibility in determining when and how points or awards are allocated. This could be in response to content completions, content views, content downloads, mobile learning App or Web logins, use of specific features within a mobile learning App, passing an assessment and many more. Example rules might state:

  • 'allocate 10 points whenever a learner completes a video'
  • 'allocate 50 points when a learner achieves between 60% and 80% in a specific assessment'
  • 'allocate 100 points when a learner achieves a score in excess of 80%
  • 'allocate a social bedage when a learner has posted their 10th post on the enterprise social network' 

In addition, a points-based leaderboard featuring configurable awards (badges, medals and trophies) encourages competition and fun within learning programmes.  

Tim Buff, CEO and Chief Learning Strategist at CM Group said, “This technology is already providing tangible benefits to our customers. In one of our recent projects we trained 15,000 new managers as part of a global induction programme. Luminosity Reach’s gamification features were used to track all learning activities and to allocate points, trophies and prizes to learners based on rules customised by central Admin staff – we even integrated it with retail vouchers as additional rewards. The ability to appeal to the learners’ desire for peer recognition, to achieve personal goals and their pure competitive drive, played a key role in the success of the programme.”  

Awarded a place in the world’s Top 3 Mobile LMSs, Luminosity Reach empowers learners by delivering the learning content they need to the widest possible range of devices, from PC and laptop browsers, to the latest tablet and smartphone devices. Mobile learning Apps for iOS, Android and Windows 8 devices enable learners to consume learning and reference content, and keep up to date with the latest corporate communications while away from the office.

Buff concluded, “Luminosity Reach is already proven at scale in some of the largest organisations in the world, including Microsoft, QNB and Telefónica. The latest gamification enhancements demonstrates our continued investment in delivering the leading-edge features required by a modern Learning Management System, and our continued support in driving improved staff performance in the world’s largest organisations.”

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