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CM Group’s range of Luminosity learning solutions improves learner engagement with electronic gift card integration

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CM Group, a global leader in the field of innovative learning solutions comprising interactive eLearning and mobile learning, today announced the integration of its Luminosity Reach learning management system and Luminosity Motion mobile learning platform with Tango Card, the enterprise gift card platform.

Gamification principles are key features of CM Group’s Luminosity learning delivery platforms. By completing learning activities delivered using Luminosity Reach or Luminosity Motion, including reading articles, completing eLearning and mobile learning courses or undertaking quizzes, learners are able to earn achievement awards including virtual badges, medals and trophies.

With the integration of Tango Card, learners can additionally earn electronic gift cards by completing learning activities. Tango Card automatically allocates, manages and distributes the electronic gift cards directly to learners. 

Competitive leaderboards are an optional feature within Luminosity Reach and Luminosity Motion, and display a learner’s position relative to other learners, motivating them to complete further activities, whilst increasing their engagement with the learning materials.

The solution is already in operation at a US software giant, where new inductees earn electronic gift cards by carrying out a wide range of learning activities, which are all tracked utilising the Tin Can (Experience API) features of Luminosity.

Tim Buff, Chief Learning Strategist at CM Group said, “CM Group has delivered hundreds of learning projects over 13 years, improving learners’ knowledge and skills, and increasing learner engagement has always been at the heart of learning and training programmes. Rewarding learners with ‘real rewards’ is a very useful additional way of rewarding learners and encouraging them to fully participate in extended learning programmes. By integrating electronic rewards with our Luminosity Reach learning management system and Luminosity Motion mobile learning platform, we are enabling organisations to reward their learners, whenever and wherever they learn.”