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CM Group’s Luminosity mobile learning App for Windows 8 now on Windows Phone Store

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CM Group, a global leader in the field of innovative eLearning and mobile learning solutions, has made its Luminosity Mentor mobile learning App for Windows 8 smartphones available to freely download from the Windows Phone Store. The App shows exactly how the Luminosity end-to end mobile learning solution works.

The Windows 8 App joins the Luminosity range of mobile learning Apps, which are available for iOS and Android devices – the Luminosity Mentor Apps can be downloaded from the App Store for iOS devices and the Play Store for Android devices.

Tim Buff, Chief Learning Strategist at CM Group said, “We are seeing that Windows 8 tablets and smartphones are starting to become more widely used, with the devices playing a key role in many organisations’ BYOD strategies. Capitalising on the unique user interface of the Windows 8 phone, our Luminosity mobile learning and corporate communications App provides an attractive and functional way to deliver learning content and performance support tools to an organisation’s extended enterprise, including their employees, customers and partners.”

The Luminosity range of mobile learning Apps empowers learners by providing them with access to the learning content they need, regardless of their location. The native mobile learning Apps enable learners to consume learning and reference content, performance support tools, and educational games as well as corporate news and blog feeds. This means learners can access the support they need even while their device is offline.

Incorporating the latest Tin Can (Experience API) data tracking, the Apps capture learners’ learning experiences, providing detailed analytics on how the App and content is used, and which are most popular. Detailed analytics provides organisations with the ability to track and report on a significantly richer set of learning activities, giving them a greater understanding of learners’ development paths.       

Buff continued, “Our Luminosity mobile learning Apps for Windows 8 devices are already providing tangible benefits to our customers. In a recent project, 15,000 new managers were trained via our Windows 8 mobile learning Apps as part of a global induction programme.”