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Software simulations in HTML5 from CM Group improve sales effectiveness at Bottomline Technologies

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Innovative training experts CM Group work with leading financial automation technology provider to improve sales processes and provide the ability of field sales teams to demonstrate their solutions in a consistent, secure and time efficient manner.

Bottomline Technologies provides collaborative payment, invoice and document automation solutions to corporations, financial institutions and banks around the world. Bottomline Technologies’ sales force needed the ability to provide a range of consistent and up-to-date demonstrations of their solutions. To improve their sales processes, Bottomline Technologies now equips their sales teams with simulations of their solutions that are consistent, secure and accessible offline via traditional devices, PCs and laptops, through to mobile devices such as iPad’s.

With over 13 years’ experience in providing technical training to the largest and most innovative organisations, CM Group were recommended to Bottomline Technologies to provide the solution.

Using Luminosity Lightshow, CM Group’s HTML5 based software simulation tool, Bottomline Technologies’ own staff created a range of bite-sized and modular simulations of their solutions. These hands-on and interactive simulations enable their sales team to demonstrate their solutions on a standalone basis, as and when required. Providing their sales team with simulations of their solutions also ensures that all Bottomline Technologies demonstrations are consistent in their content and each feature is demonstrated.  It avoids the problem of data corruption on test and demonstration systems, and removes the need for an onsite internet connection.

As simulations created using Luminosity Lightshow are in HTML5 format, it enabled Bottomline Technologies’ simulations to be delivered across a wide range of devices, including the iPad devices used by their sales team.

“I have received very positive feedback from our users. It has made our sales engagements more effective and it has removed the problems we previously faced whilst on customer or prospect locations.” Fausto Amoroso, Consultant at Bottomline Technologies. 

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