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Mobile solutions provider CM Group announces new Windows 8 learning Apps

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CM Group has added to its Luminosity Mentor range of learning and corporate communications Apps with the addition of Apps for the Windows 8 smartphone and Windows 8 tablet. The new Windows 8 Apps join the rest of the Luminosity Mentor range of Apps to provide flexible, clear and user friendly learning experiences for users. They also incorporate a number of innovative gamification features designed to engage learners and encourage repeat use by learners.

CM Group has previously marketed its iPad and iPhone learning Apps to some of the largest retail banks. The new Apps will extend the range to the Windows 8 platform and are the first of their kind to be available on the latest Microsoft operating system. They fully integrate with CM Group's content creation and cloud based delivery options.

The Apps provide a comprehensive local control catalogue for users which can be downloaded from either an organisation's own Enterprise App Server or the public facing 'Windows Store'. The Apps can be used to provide offline consumption of multiple forms of content including custom-built, fully responsive HTML5 learning content, mobile quizzes and assessments together with video webcasts, audio podcasts, Office and PDF documents. The Apps also support integration with clients' own corporate news, blog and Twitter feeds, which enables them to provide a powerful learning and news communication channel to learners.

The new Apps are fully instrumented, providing offline SCORM and Tin Can tracking and detailed analytics about how people use the content and the App itself. This means that clients can find out quickly which content is most popular and frequently used. The App also supports the delivery of performance support tools. The Apps are fully customised with customer supplied branding prior to deployment and can be tailored to fit precise client functional requirements by CM Group's in house development team.

Managing Director and Chief Learning Strategist for CM Group, Tim Buff, said "Windows 8 is still in its infancy in the UK, but is already widely adopted in the US. These Apps capitalise on the beautiful user interface which is one of the features of Windows 8, to provide a really attractive and functional way to deliver resources to employees, customers and partners and comprehensively track usage."

Tim Buff added, "The gamification aspects of the App are fascinating and incorporate some of the latest thinking in how to spark learners' interest and keep them coming back to the App for more."

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