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Major airlines reap safety benefit from CM Group’s work for FRMSc on pilots’ fatigue management

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Innovative technical experts CM Group work with leading sleep scientists to understand and manage fatigue and sleep loss issues and their impact on staff performance in the aviation industry.


Fatigue Risk Management Science Limited (FRMSc) improves staff and business performance through the management of occupational alertness with their System for Aircrew Fatigue Evaluation (SAFE) and Cabin Crew Alertness & Rest Evaluation (CARE) programs. SAFE has been adopted by many of the world’s leading airlines to measure and evaluate a range of influencing factors that may impact an employee’s alertness and capability.

CM Group was selected to develop the software solution as well as the associated eLearning product training, due to its technical expertise and the content development services that it provides to the world’s largest and most technologically focused organisations, including Microsoft in the USA.

Using FRMSc’s mathematical algorithms, CM Group’s software development team designed and built the new and improved cloud based program which allows airlines to upload their flight rosters, returning the potential fatigue risk areas for each individual member of staff including pilots. The new program is intuitive to use and has enabled airlines to achieve higher standards. The program is accessed via a website which was also created and hosted by CM Group.

CM Group then worked alongside FRMSc to produce eLearning courseware on the operation of the SAFE program. CM Group used its own leading collaborative eLearning authoring tool, Luminosity Studio, to produce the high quality and engaging HTML5 based eLearning Programme quickly and cost effectively. The eLearning courseware was delivered via Luminosity Reach, CM Group’s cloud based Learning Management System (LMS).

Douglas Mellor and Dr Barbara Stone, Directors at FRMSc said “CM Group has been great to work with.  Their vast technical and educational experience has opened up lots of new possibilities for us and how we deliver our SAFE program. I have received some very positive feedback from the airlines that use SAFE and as a result, usage of SAFE is growing fast”.

CM Group’s CEO Tim Buff said “We see the SAFE program as a highly innovative and valuable addition to airline safety. Our software development teams relished the challenge of creating the fully working technical solution and the accompanying training resources. FRMSc is a classic example of intelligence led ingenuity and we’re delighted to be involved with SAFE and be making a contribution in this important area.”