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CM Group’s Learning Management System increases NHS adoption of eLearning programmes

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CM Group has deployed its cloud based Learning Management System (LMS), Luminosity Reach, to provide NHS staff with secure and consistent access to a range of eLearning programmes and reference materials.

With NHS staff accessing a wide range of online information and systems, a key requirement to encourage adoption of the eLearning programmes was the ability to fully customise the LMS to incorporate NHS branding. This ensured the LMS had a familiar look and feel to other NHS solutions.

Another key requirement for the NHS was the ability to provide its staff with secure access to the LMS. Luminosity Reach enables the bulk-upload and setup of user accounts by administrators, and a self-registration facility. For the NHS, user access was provided to a defined range of NHS email domain addresses, providing staff with a single sign-on facility to access the LMS.

CM Group was selected to deploy its LMS to provide access to a range of eLearning programmes, as part of a wider blended learning programme across the NHS. Luminosity Reach is a cloud based application that provides an easy-to-use, cost-effective LMS that can be used immediately. With no infrastructure requirements and no software to download and install, it removes the potentially time consuming deployment of an on-premises solution.

Tim Buff, CEO and Chief Learning Strategist at CM Group said, “With no upfront investment required and no long term contractual commitments, Luminosity Reach is a low risk, rapidly deployed LMS with rich functionality. There is no limit to the amount of training material an organisation can deliver, or the number of learners an organisation can reach. It provides an organisation with a highly scalable solution that can be customised to their specific requirements. With full support for Apps on mobile devices users have the significant added benefit of future proofing their investment.”