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CM Group’s Learning Management System embraces Tin Can API

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CM Group, a global leader in the field of innovative learning solutions consisting of interactive eLearning and mLearning, has announced that its Luminosity Reach Learning Management System now supports the Tin Can (Experience) API.

Luminosity Reach, CM Group’s mobile ready and highly scalable LMS, has been extended to incorporate a Tin Can Learning Record Store (LRS), which is used to capture and share both formal and informal learning experiences.

In addition to conventional SCORM data captured as a result of running eLearning courses, Luminosity Reach now enables a significantly richer set of learning activities to be captured and reported upon, giving users a much better understanding of learners’ development paths.

“Tin Can fits perfectly with the vision of our solutions and with the mobile world we’re now embracing”, commented Alex Mackman, Technical Director at CM Group. “Our focus is on the way learning solutions and learner tracking works today and how it will work in the future. Only a fraction of an individual’s learning comes from studying eLearning courses. Now we are able to track learners’ informal as well as formal learning experiences – whether it be online, in mobile Apps, in the classroom or elsewhere.” 

Alex has been following the emergence of Tin Can with great interest and is convinced by its potential for the learning environment.

“I believe it will have a profound impact on the way organisations think about, create, host and track eLearning and mobile learning - and perhaps more importantly how other learning experiences outside of the LMS environment can also be tracked. People learn in many places, in many different ways, whilst doing many different things. Tin Can, or the Experience API to use its official name, unlocks the possibility of capturing a much more complete picture of your learners’ experiences.”

CM Group is amongst the leading and innovative organisations that are adopters of the Tin Can API and this underlines the strength, flexibility and ultra modern functionality of the Luminosity Reach LMS.