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CM Group creates NHS endorsed stress training to help improve workplace health and wellbeing

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CM Group, a global leader in the field of innovative learning solutions comprising of interactive eLearning and mLearning, has created Lighten Up’s eLearning courses which forms part of its blended learning programme to help address stress, improve the work-life balance of employees and reduce the cost of absenteeism for employers.

With stress recognised as an increasing problem for many individuals, the resulting impact on staff sickness and reduced workplace performance provides a very real issue for employers. Lighten Up, the only NHS endorsed health and wellbeing programme, looked to CM Group to create its eLearning courses in a scalable, easy to deliver and easily accessible way.

Using Luminosity Studio, CM Group’s eLearning authoring tool, CM Group was able to work alongside Lighten Up’s subject matter experts (SMEs) to produce high quality and engaging HTML5 based eLearning courses, quickly and cost effectively.

The eLearning courses are widely used amongst NHS, public sector, business and educational establishments across the UK, all of which have seen improved productivity, increased employee retention and engagement.  

Kim Jenkins, Managing Director of Lighten Up said “CM Group has been great to work with. Their wide experience in the whole eLearning field has opened up lots of new possibilities for us and how we deliver our programmes”.

More details are available about how CM Group partnered with Lighten Up to deliver the stimulating and potentially life changing stress training programme.