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CM Group announces launch of the groundbreaking new Luminosity Motion mobile learning platform

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Luminosity Motion is the secure, scalable and flexible new mobile learning platform already adopted by two of the world’s largest companies, RBS and Microsoft. Following the official global launch on Tuesday 10th September, this innovative new concept will be available to organisations of all sizes to deliver training and support to their learners and students wherever they are and whenever they need it.

CM Group is one of the UK’s largest providers of bespoke eLearning and mobile learning solutions. Luminosity Motion provides a proven, cloud based platform which is secure and scalable. The new mobile learning platform supports the delivery of the widest range of content to smartphone and tablet devices. This includes HTML5 courses, responsive HTML5 courses, performance support tools, videos, podcasts, assessments, eBooks, Microsoft Office documents and many more. Luminosity Motion is now available off-the-shelf for rapid implementations.

Alongside the mobile learning platform, CM Group provides a range of native learning and communications Apps for phones and tablets that use the Apple iOS, Google Android and Microsoft Windows 8 operating systems. The Apps enable learners to complete courses and consume other training assets offline, and all come with inbuilt SCORM support and comprehensive data tracking.

The Luminosity Motion mobile learning platform fully supports Tin Can (Experience API) and, together with Luminosity Mentor Apps, have already been adopted and well proven in initial large scale deployments by two of the largest companies in the world.

CM Group’s Managing Director and Chief Learning Strategist Tim Buff said: “Luminosity Motion forms the central element of CM Group’s mobile learning strategy moving forwards. It revolutionises how all forms of digital learning and support assets are managed, targeted and published to mobile learners. Link it with responsive HTML5 courseware creation and beautiful learning Apps, and you have a highly flexible and extensible system which can be implemented quickly and cost effectively.”

Buff added, “In October we will be launching Luminosity Create, our easy to use, responsive HTML5 authoring toolset which complements Luminosity Motion. Together they provide an industry leading combination which takes mobile learning to a new level.”

Visit the CM Group website to find out more about our Luminosity Motion mobile learning platform.