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Luminosity Studio the collaborative eLearning authoring tool adds full HTML5 support - ideal for mLearning

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Luminosity Studio is one of the fastest and easiest to use collaborative eLearning authoring tools available today, enabling you to quickly create eLearning on any topic. Now it can optionally output courses at the click of a button in HTML5, making them ideal for delivery to desktops, mobiles and tablets including iPads. For the first time, you can now create courses and deliver them to the widest possible range of users, irrespective of their preferred device.

The biggest issue with Flash-based courses is that they cannot run on many mobile devices including Apple iPads and iPhones as these platforms do not readily support Flash. HTML5 on the other hand has wide support across a full range of mobile browsers and requires no additional plug-ins. This makes it an obvious choice to future proof your investment in eLearning and one that has the potential to transform your mLearning strategy.

Luminosity Studio has the added advantage of being able to work in standalone mode or with a hosted (or optionally locally installed) collaboration server. If your authors don't have regular Internet access, this "occasionally connected" approach still maximises the flexibility, speed and efficiency of the toolset. To find out more click here.

Do you want to find out more about HTML5 and what the fuss is all about? See Alex Mackman, CM Group's Technical Director and VP, explain in simple terms what it is and discuss the business and practical benefits of HTML5.

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