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Luminosity Lightshow announced: the new HTML5 software simulation authoring tool from CM Group

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Luminosity Lightshow brings fast, affordable software application simulations to all browsers and devices.

Luminosity Lightshow is the new HTML5 based tool for creating interactive simulations, for training users to perform particular tasks and activities within software applications. It is aimed at all organisations and software companies which need to teach users or customers how to use a software application and who want to enable users to try your application in a completely safe, controlled environment.

Screen-capture-based simulations are a proven technique for reducing the amount of time that users take to become productive with a new software package or application. The interactive features of Lightshow make it a powerful, yet easy-to-use authoring environment for all software training requirements.

Unlike most software simulation solution tools, Lightshow doesn't use Flash and as a result requires no browser plug-ins. Instead, it uses HTML5 (the rapidly evolving new Internet standard) that can be viewed in any modern Web browser, and most significantly on multiple device types, including desktops, mobile phones, and tablets - including Apple iPads!

If you want, you can try Lightshow for as long as you want, absolutely free, and with no obligation.

Do you want to find out more about HTML5 and what the fuss is all about? See Alex Mackman, CM Group's Technical Director and VP, explain in simple terms what it is and discuss the business and practical benefits of HTML5.

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