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CM Group ethics training reached over 85,000 people last year.

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Leading UK training and development company CM Group produces training on a wide range of topics and has just confirmed that in the past twelve months it helped train over 85,000 people across the world specifically in the subject of ethical business alone.

CM Group provides instructor led and eLearning courseware and ancillary products and services to large organisations in the UK, USA and all over the world. Its courses on ethical business practices have been translated into multiple languages and are currently shortlisted for international eLearning awards.
Tim Buff CM Group CEO said: “An increasing number of leading businesses take their ethical responsibilities seriously, not just because of a desire of some key executives to do the right thing and not simply out of concern for their public profile. Evidence is mounting that structuring your business ethically and pursuing the highest standards of conduct in running your business is actually good for business and what’s more, it’s good for shareholder value. It leads to an emphasis on a balanced medium and long term view and a questioning of the short term profit maximisation that has led some companies particularly in the financial sector, to the brink of collapse.”