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British Gas Services chooses eLearning courses from Content Master and the Luminosity eLearning development and delivery software

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British Gas Services – Central Heating Installations, the UK’s leading installations and home services provider, uses Content Master, part of CM Group, to create and deliver its latest onboarding sales training programme.

In the past, the onboarding programme had been completed through a series of instructor-led sessions. Although effective, they were also costly, time-consuming and, with new starters joining at different times and in different locations, inevitably inefficient. John Ellis, National Sales Training & Recruitment Manager, wanted to solve these problems by implementing a new onboarding programme that utilised exciting and innovative eLearning.

British Gas Services – Central Heating Installations had used eLearning previously, but was all too aware of the high upfront costs and long timescales historically involved in its production. The project team searched for a partner who could keep costs to a minimum while improving its training offering. The turning point came when the team engaged CM Group, an eLearning specialist. CM Group’s proven track record of creating engaging eLearning for some of the world’s leading organisations within significantly reduced timescales and budgets was a key factor in the choice.

Staff from the Content Master division of CM Group worked with the client’s project team to understand their requirements and identify the courses that would be transformed into eLearning. The teams identified a curriculum of over 20 courses, with topics ranging from Health and Safety to specific product knowledge.

Employees access the published courses online by using Luminosity Reach, CM Group’s easy-to-use SaaS-based learning management system (LMS). The LMS is quick and easy to set up and is ideal for this type of project rollout.

Commenting on the project, John Ellis said, “We are delighted with the result. CM Group developed a highly engaging eLearning programme quickly and effectively and at half the cost we would have expected. Luminosity Studio and Luminosity Reach are also the perfect fit. CM Group’s support has been great, nothing’s too much trouble for them and they’ve been a pleasure to work with.”

Tim Buff, Managing Director of CM Group, said, “We are finding that our clients want a flexible service that fits their own business models. So, for example, we can create the initial eLearning courses and if they want to, our clients can use Luminosity Studio to update the eLearning and also create their own courses into the future.”