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CM Group adds Cloud computing book to the must have guidance on the Microsoft Azure platform

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Content Master software expert Dominic Betts co-authored the new book from Microsoft's Seattle based Patterns and Practices group and aimed it at providing highly practical and down to earth advice on this exciting and topical new technology area.

'Moving Applications to the Cloud on the Microsoft Azure Platform' is the full title of the book which is available from Amazon and larger bookshops. The book covers migration strategies for software companies who are interested in taking their existing software applications and moving to Cloud based systems.

Dominic is a principal Technologist at Content Master, part of CM Group, where he focuses on the latest technological advances and works on technology and training projects for a variety of international customers.

Along with other members of the team at CM Group who specialise in a range of different technical areas, Dominic makes his skills and experience available on a consulting basis when needed.