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Capita TI releases SmartMATE - a new technology suite

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Capita Translation & interpreting (Capita TI) has recently released their brand new technology toolkit, SmartMATE, helping them to improve the quality of their translations, the productivity of their teams and their clients, and connectivity between their customer's systems and their own.


The toolkit focuses on 3 key areas; connectivity, productivity and quality.

Making sure systems talk to each other is crucial for a seamless translation management process. Whether they need to integrate with a content management system, connect systems to their machine translation solutions, or enable customers to kick-start a translation job with one single email – their aim is to make the process as smooth and pain-free for their customers as possible.

Why should translation management be cumbersome? Where Capita TI can speed up the process, automate workflows, reduce pain and gain efficiencies – they will. Their secured customer portal allows customers to access project details and reports at any time of day and from one single interface, whilst their linguists are able to connect automatically to brand assets and translate within the web editor itself.

The most important result of any translation job is the quality, so Capita TI's translation ecosystem has been developed to enhance this outcome. They have established automated QA checks, integrated validation tools and source checks to make sure each translation is of the highest possible quality.


About Capita Translation & interpreting

Capita Translation and interpreting, one of the fastest growing Language Service Providers in the world, offers accurate, timely and cost-effective translation and interpreting services in more than 180 languages. Our translation technology seamlessly connects your e-Commerce site to our translation management system, allowing you to easily track, monitor and add multilingual content to your site. We can help you to build your brand across markets and make you heard - in any language. SmartMATE is Capita’s Technology Assisted Translation environment using best of breed technology both developed internally and from market leading translation technology suppliers.

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