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Skills Assessments using e-Assessment Tools - FREE White Paper

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BTL Group Ltd, with partners AlphaPlus Consultancy Ltd, has announced the release of their latest FREE white paper titled 'Speed and Accuracy in Skills Assessment'.

This study explores the benefits and techniques of computerised skills assessment. It particularly looks into the enhanced formative assessment opportunities derived from computerised approaches.

BTL and AlphaPlus have many years of experience in working with various organisations to create and deliver skills assessment tools. In particular, in recent years, both organisations have pioneered, within the UK, post compulsory generic skills training such as Key Skills, Skills for Life and Functional Skills.

Topics discussed in the white paper include:

• Learner and tutor expectations of diagnostics and formative assessment
• Speed and accuracy in skills assessment
• Assessing the curriculum effectively
• The benefits of smarter technology
• The challenges of adaptive skills assessments

If you would like to download a FREE copy of this white paper, please visit