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BTL Presents Paper at e-Assessment in Practice Conference Discussing 'The Future of e-Assessment'

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Dr Husam Baki, Technical Director at BTL Group Ltd, will be discussing 'The Future of e-Assessment' at the e-Assessment in Practice Conference, Shrivenham, on the 11th & 12th November 2009. Dr Baki will be supported by Seyhan Baki, Educational Advisor at BTL.

The presentation will discuss the following:

• Current methods of e-Assessment
• Using simulation in e-Assessment
• Beyond the limitations of multiple choice e-Assessments
• How to make e-Assessments fun and engaging whilst eliminating exam-associated stress and anxiety

The presentation will consider BTL's VirtualDesktop™ and how this solution has been used by various organisations to develop scenario-based e-Assessments. The VirtualDesktop™ is an interactive, simulation-based system that imitates a standard computer desktop. The system assesses a user who can create spreadsheets, send emails and create documents all in a contained environment.

Furthermore, Dr Baki will look into how scenario-based e-Assessments can be extended to provide formative assessment opportunities to help learners achieve their learning goals more effectively and efficiently, whilst helping them to employ a deep learning approach.

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