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SQA signs landmark e-Assessment contract with BTL

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BTL Group Ltd, a leading UK Learning and Assessment solutions provider, announced today that the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) has selected BTL to provide an enterprise wide e-assessment development and delivery system.

The initial 2 year contract will see the SQA license BTL's award-winning Surpass Suite in order to author, itembank and deliver e-assessments across a broad range of Qualifications. BTL will also be providing a full hosting, training, support and project management service to ensure the success of this project.

This contract further enhances the working relationship between BTL and SQA. BTL has previously undertaken numerous projects for the SQA including ESOL, SOLAR, Physics e-Assessment and Core Skills Assessment.

Keith Myers, Managing Director of BTL, states "We are delighted to be entering into this exciting contract with SQA. We look forward to supporting SQA as they enhance the experience of their learners by offering flexibility in exam delivery through e assessments."

Dr. Janet Brown, SQA Chief Executive, says "This major contract is clear evidence of SQA's commitment to supporting the use of e-assessment. We look forward to working with BTL and with all of our stakeholders to maximise the benefits e assessment offers to SQA, its centres and, most importantly, to the learners who take our qualifications."