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BTL e-Assessment Tools Ranked Number One in Recent UKCDR Analysis

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The University of Manchester's UKCDR project team (UK Collaboration for a Digital Repository for High Stakes Exams) found that BTL e-Assessment solutions came out on top in their independent study analysing current e-Assessment tools. The study, funded by JISC (Joint Information Systems Committee), was conducted to determine which tools could potentially form part of an e-Assessment solution that would be sophisticated enough to support in house and national examinations.

The appraisal looked at the following five core processes and the functionality requirements for each:

• Item development
• Quality assurance
• Item storage and selection
• Exam delivery
• Results analysis

The evaluation was carried out in two stages. Firstly, each e-Assessment solution provider was asked to undertake a self-appraisal of their solutions against the functionality requirements set by UKCDR. In the second stage, an independent, detailed appraisal of the tools was undertaken by UKCDR.

In the independent evaluation, BTL scored the highest number of scores in three out of the five core processes, after which BTL re-visited the requirement specification and made further developments to their e-Assessment solutions. BTL re-submitted their solutions to UKCDR and this strengthened their number one position by scoring the highest in all five core processes.

As part of the output for this project, UKCDR produced a Needs Calculator. The Needs Calculator can be used by organisations that are searching for suitable e-Assessment solutions. Organisations can submit their specific e-Assessment requirements to the Needs Calculator, choosing from an extensive list of functionalities, and the Needs Calculator will then return the aptness of each assessment solution - helping organisations to quickly determine which solution is appropriate for them.

Crucially, the independent analysis undertaken by UKCDR found that BTL e-Assessment solutions matched more than 77% of all the requirements in the functionality list - this can be seen by selecting all of the functionality requirements in the Needs Calculator. The second-ranked solution only manages to match 44% of all requirements - proving that BTL e-Assessment solutions truly surpass any other e Assessment solution on the market.

Andrea Owen, Project Manager of UKCDR, said: "We have been delighted with the way in which BTL have engaged with the UKCDR process. BTL have taken the results of the initial appraisal and improved their product, embracing a range of UK, best practice needs. By working with us so effectively they have become UKCDR's number one ranked solution. It is a great example of how research and industry can combine to produce a mutually beneficial outcome."

Keith Myers, Managing Director BTL states "We are thrilled that BTL e-Assessment solutions are ranked number one by the UKCDR project. BTL are already helping some of the top Awarding Bodies in the UK face the challenge of on-screen delivery and this research confirms that BTL provides the most comprehensive and leading e Assessment solutions.