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Gomo announces content generation and translation features powered by OpenAI

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Gomo’s new AI-enabled features allow users to automatically translate assets and generate peripheral eLearning course content by integrating the solution with their OpenAI accounts.


Elearning authoring tool Gomo has released a solution-wide upgrade, enabling its users to streamline their workflows with the help of AI.

The cloud-based tool now supports AI-powered asset translation, allowing content authors to rapidly produce nuanced and naturalistic translations of key course elements. Gomo also offers AI-generated course introductions, conclusions, and learning objectives in a move that will reduce learning designers’ workloads.

In addition to these changes, Gomo has announced plans to deepen its AI capabilities by introducing a more extensive course review feature that distills the time-consuming review process into a selection of automatically generated suggestions and improvements. The fully responsive solution is also preparing to expand its AI translation capabilities to encompass entire courses, allowing users to significantly speed up translation processes.

Simon Waldram, Product Manager at Gomo, said: “Gomo has always been about allowing users to create world-class content without the need for in-depth instructional design or technical experience. Today’s generative AI technology is the perfect fit for that philosophy, opening up new avenues through which Gomo users can enjoy a seamless authoring experience that doesn’t compromise on output quality.”

“Crucially, our new AI features work alongside human activity and creativity. Course reviews and conclusions are an excellent way to bolster content authoring workflows while building on a core of human-made work. We’re also maintaining our single-click XLIFF exporting feature for translations, so users always have the option to combine the ease of AI translation with the extra level of oversight that human translators bring to the table. No matter how users want to use Gomo, they can be sure of a frictionless and compromise-free experience that puts ease of use alongside first-rate results at the heart of the process.”

Gomo’s AI capabilities are achieved via integrations with OpenAI, allowing users to take advantage of the new features through their existing OpenAI accounts. The news follows Gomo’s release of a new ebook detailing the advantages of AI course translation.

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The Gomo learning suite provides multi-award-winning products that allow you to create, deliver, update, and track beautiful multi-device eLearning. With Gomo Authoring, you can create truly responsive and adaptive HTML5 content that looks perfect on all devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones. With Gomo Delivery and Analytics, you can get content into the hands of learners instantly via websites, direct link, the Gomo LMS wrapper, social media, and more—all with full xAPI analytics.

With an ever-growing client base including British Airways, Centrica, Warner Music Group, Domestic & General, the BBC, Sony, Rentokil, the NHS, Vodafone, Greene King, TDK, and many more, Gomo is quickly becoming the established choice for global organizations seeking collaborative, future-proof and responsive HTML5 multi-device eLearning.

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