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New integrated solution developed by ATS Multimedia streamlines EDF Energy’s induction-training

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ATS Multimedia has developed an innovative training system that has streamlined registration, training delivery and assessment at the location of what will become Europe’s biggest construction site.


“At HPC we aim to deliver the highest quality of training to our team, in the most effective and efficient ways possible, that is accessible by all” – Peter Caunce, EDF Energy.

As part of the site access arrangements, all contractors working at Hinkley Point C will need to pass mandatory induction training before being allowed on site. With in excess of 25,000 employment opportunities, EDF Energy looked to ATS Multimedia to support streamlining this process. 

Working closely with the EDF Energy training team, ATS developed an integrated system for registration, training delivery and assessment. Classroom delegates use iTouch handsets to access learning content, the facilitator has a live dashboard tablet app from which to monitor progress and make interventions when required.

At the end of a course the results are submitted to the existing CRM, providing an effective automated system to assist successful delegates in gaining site passes and speeding up access to the construction site.

“The solution provided by ATS has exceeded our expectations on all fronts.”

The system design integrates several processes and saves significant time and resources allowing the contractor to be issued with a site pass quicker, in addition to implementing important tools to support an effective audit trail for EDF Energy. 

ATS produced professional audio content in multiple languages, designer user interfaces for the delegate and trainer apps, as well as developed the back end CMS that integrated with existing CRM systems.

This unique perspective to improving learning and engagement through a blend of hardware, software and creatively produced training content is an opportunity catching the attention of training managers and professionals across a range of sectors. 

“As creative technologists, we know how to communicate information in memorable ways across different channels. We recognise that our experience in solving Museum’s problems connecting to their audiences is something that can work really well in delivering training and we’re excited about this prospect.” - Spencer Clark, ATS Multimedia.