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Atlas’s competence system to be used across Maersk Oil Operations worldwide

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Global operator Maersk Oil has become the first to adopt an exclusively electronic competence system with the ability to effectively track employees’ knowledge and minimise risk in the oil and gas sector.

Developed by international learning technologies leader Atlas Knowledge with expertise from a 100-strong industry advisory group, the Competence Assurance Management System (CAMS) is a ground-breakingonline competence assessment and training system where all data surrounding employees can be tracked and optimised.

Based on three key criteria: knowledge, skills and practice; it allows companies to build a background on each employee’s level of competence and centralise all documentation in one secure place.

The three-year contract, worth a six-figure sum, comes after a successful pilot in Qatar in 2014. It will see Atlas’s CAMS technology rolled out across the UK, Denmark and Kazakhstan.

A fully bespoke system, the project has seen Atlas Knowledge work in partnership with Maersk Oil to develop an intuitive programme which mirrors the specific job descriptions and responsibilities of frontline operational positions.

Commercial director at Atlas Knowledge Kevin Short said: “Efficient systems are a priority for oil and gas companies, especially when costs are high and budgets are tight. This contract gives a clear indication of the desire within the industry for a better way of tracking competence and raising the bar on safety across the workforce.”

CAMS was developed by Atlas Knowledge based on collaborative feedback from a cross-industry advisory group incorporating operators including Maersk Oil, industry bodies and representation from across the supply chain.

“The barriers to effective competence management were identified as outdated, inflexible and labour-intensive paper-based systems whichare laborious to maintain and impossible to move around in the same way the international oil and gas workforce does,” continued Mr Short.

“The industry wanted all data surrounding employees, from training requirements to monitoring staff performance, to be tracked and optimised in a simple and flexible way while at the same time cutting down on administration, travel time, and the time and effort spent by candidates submitting evidence. This is what CAMS delivers.”

The system will be implemented to track the competence of employees, as well as providing a forum for communications and support. A cloud hosted solution will also be put in place to allow records to be accessed remotely by staff in several different locations around the world.