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Atlas Teams Up with RGU to Develop Course Content

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International learning technology and skills provider for the Oil and Gas industry, Atlas, has joined forces with Robert Gordon University to develop course content for one of their cutting-edge IT courses. Atlas has set the design brief for a key module, Multimedia Component Design, in the BSC Multimedia Development Course.


The industry-leading e-learning experts are also judging a competition where students have created and developed their own e-learning course, following the brief: ‘How Oil and Gas is Formed and Extracted.’ These projects are designed to give students a flavour of what it would be like to work at a prestigious company such as Atlas.

Representatives from the global e-learning company have been on-hand to offer advice to students with Q&A sessions to aide their learning and to present examples of effective e-learning from around the world.

Atlas has also offered its support to RGU and to e-learning pioneers of the future by participating in RGU’s Pathway to Professional IT Event. Predominantly an opportunity for school leavers, this was a speed-networking event where children had 15 minutes to speak with each representative from various companies about their career options and the opportunities available to them.

Steven Orr, Development Manager at Atlas Knowledge, has been heavily involved in Atlas’s visionary work with the university. Steven comments:

“Atlas is a company that is built on values that champion learning and development and being creative. Working closely with students at RGU allows us the opportunity to share our knowledge and inspire the next generation of multimedia developers, design managers and CEOs. It would be fantastic to see some of these talented individuals working with us in the future.

“Meeting school leavers has also been very interesting for us. It is amazing how focused, technologically aware and advanced 17 and 18 year olds are today. I think it is safe to say that the future of e-learning in the Oil and Gas industry is in safe hands.”

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