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Training development meets web design

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Over the past few months Ashford E-Learning has been redesigning and redeveloping their website; utilising their skills in design and writing to create an up-to-date and modern website, which clearly represents their unique character within the training development industry.

By utilising their existing skill set, Ashford set about overhauling their website and creating a cleaner look to tie in with their branding for this year’s Learning Technologies exhibition. This involved a large amount of discussion and planning similar to the majority of projects Ashford works on, when creating bespoke training materials, so this was a natural transition for the team at Ashford.

Choosing appropriate photos for the website was a small challenge the team faced, feeling it would be better to avoid stock photos, especially as they produce bespoke material for their clients.

The decision was made to produce custom photos showing various Ashford related objects and products as part of each photo’s composition, whilst also avoiding brand saturation.

Applying their graphic design know-how the team worked hard to avoid being too clean and clinical in their updated website, and injected splashes of colour to the site with the use of four icons, from their new branding.

The icons, detailing four of the company’s focal points, use some simple accent colours to break up the main colours of white and navy blue. Used purposefully, the team once again repurposed their skills to create an elegant look.

Working to a deadline is something the team at Ashford is no stranger to and they completed the website in time for a launch which coincided with the Learning Technologies exhibition. This allowed Ashford to present a coherent appearance across all outlets, be they in the physical or digital world.

Creating the website has involved many of the departments in Ashford E-Learning working together to write, check and double check every piece of text, every graphic and every photo to ensure a cohesive, coherent and consistent feel to the site.