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ARuVR Launches LRS system & Apple Vision Pro app at Learning Technologies, ExCel London April 17-18 2024

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ARuVR®, will launch its ARuVR LRS (Learning Record Score) system and out-of-the-box integration and its Apple Vision Pro app at this month’s Learning Technologies exhibition. ARuVR, a multi-award winning end-to-end Extended Reality (XR) and Spatial Computing learning omni-platform, LRS solution ensures that the entire L&D (Learning and Development) ecosystem can now get granular insight to the learning journey of their workforce.


Complementing a full LMS (Learning Management System) and LXP (Learning Experience Platform) integration, with LRS compatibility for any third party data software - including  Watershed, Veracity, Rustici, and Learning Locker - any organisation can now embed ARuVR’s XR omni-platform within its existing L&D workflows.

The result is the most integrated XR learning platform, providing granular and actionable data insights into learners; progress, problem areas, feedback loops, bespoke programme identification and motivational indicators.

In addition, ARuVR announces the launch of its app on Apple Vision Pro, taking full advantage of its incredible capabilities to radically enhance the impact and efficiency of training. Apple Vision Pro takes ARuVR training experiences to a whole new level, with stunning realism, intuitive hands-on manipulation and effortless collaboration. This is not just a new platform, this is a new way to understand and learn skills in the same way we experience them in the real world. Welcome to the era of Spatial Learning with Spatial Computing.

Frank Furnari, CEO & Founder, ARuVR®, said,“We are excited to launch two huge milestones for ARuVR at Learning Technologies ‘24. With the launch of ARuVR’s LRS system we are ensuring that any organisation, no matter what learning system they use, can get granular data fed back also into their LRS platform to ensure full optimization and visibility of their learning programmes. Combine that with the Apple Vision Pro app and our XR learning omni-platform is a game changer on how people learn and work by blending Digital and Physical worlds.” 

Learning Technologies attracts over 10,000 attendees from over 50 different countries and takes place at ExCel, London April 17th-18th 2024. You can find ARuVR on stand: E20 as well as on the stage of three seminars. ARuVR has secured a number of free VIP tickets which you can get exclusively here.

Extended Reality training solutions have been proven* to deliver impressive results, including: 80% increase in training learning retention, improve training engagement by 90%, reduce post-training error by 40%, increase employee training satisfaction by 30% and improve employee performance by 70%.

ARuVR solves many of the previous barriers to the widespread adoption and deployment of XR training, by allowing code-free XR content generation, live real-time consumption & interactive streaming, unique content management & distribution system and is fully cross-compatible across mobile, tablet, desktop and XR devices. 

ARuVR ISO 27001 accredited and is the first XR company in the world to achieve this highest level of international certification in Security Management Systems for design, development, hosting and support of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality systems. ARuVR is also the only XR company accredited on both the UK government’s Crown G-Cloud 13 and Crown Commercial Service (CCS). 

ARuVR counts leading enterprises including: Aramco, Amazon, Coca-Cola, Royal Air Force, Five Guys, ScotRail, NEOM, BAE Systems, Mondelez, Bloomberg, and PWC among many other international customers who are transforming the way people learn and work by blending Digital and Physical worlds.

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* A survey by PwC