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New Learning Tool Launched for Teachers of the US Citizenship Preparation Test

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Teachers wishing to test the general knowledge of their students in American history, politics and government will find a very useful new tool in ALISON's latest, free, fun learning offering: a US Citizenship Preparation Test.

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ALISON Logo Free Online Skills Training for the Workplace 

Now, any teacher can create a learning group on the ALISON learning management system (LMS) and invite their students to take the test. The completion rates and scores of the class are then reported to the teacher online. This is a simple but interesting way of reminding students and teachers across America of the information and knowledge required to become a US Citizen. It also covers important facts relating to the history and governance of the United States of America.

Friends, family and work colleagues are invited to join in the fun by creating learner groups to test each other. Most citizens in the United States were born in the US and have never had to take this test. If, however, you did have to take the test, how would you do? How would your brothers and sisters do? Your cousins? Your classmates? Workmates? Sign up for the test today to test yourself - and others!

Applicants for US citizenship must pass a test on US history and government as part of the naturalization process to become a citizen of the United States.