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New E-Learning Technologies Beginning To Replace Traditional Teaching Methods

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As students continue to struggle with the challenges posed by Science in the classroom, the free online learning and certification provider; has just released two new free interactive courses on Chemistry to rekindle student’s waning interest in Science.


The need for well-educated Science graduates has never been higher. Economic development is a goal of all nation-states, and a life necessity for lesser developed countries. However for economies and nations to prosper in the 21st century they must be on the cusp of scientific innovation.

Scientific innovation rarely begins in the laboratory but rather much earlier than that in the classroom. Businesses today recognize that for their employees to be on the cutting edge of innovation they need to be reared on an educational diet of solid scientific fundamentals. Schools need to develop sound knowledge of Maths and Science in their students and foster scientific curiosity from a young age.

However in spite of the obvious advantages of developing sophisticated scientific minds in the classroom, the education system seems to churn out disinterested students year on year. Science grades are not increasing but rather falling and at an unsettling rate.

Educators and educational institutions are painfully aware of student's lack of engagement with their studies. However, despite embracing technology in all other areas of our lives, technology for the most part is absent in the classroom. Instead of embracing ubiquitous technologies which we use in all areas of our lives; educators and educational institutions continue to cling to traditional, staid teaching methods which do little for students and manifest in poor grades and high failure rates.

Interactive pedagogical technology is beginning to provide an alternative and is slowly replacing archaic teaching methods. These technologies capture the learner's attention and allow interaction with the subject matter on a different level compared with traditional, antiquated schooling methods.

While this sophisticated e-learning software is often out of the financial reach of all but the most privileged, the free online course provider: offers a solution. The social enterprise provides these technologies for students and teachers alike free of charge and recently added to their extensive catalogue with the announcement of three new interactive Chemistry courses.

These courses educate the learner from basic matters such as the periodic table, acidic and base reactions to more complex phenomena such as Chromatography and nuclear fission. The course tutorials allow the learner to grapple with the subject matter in an interactive and self-paced manner giving students the confidence and skills to succeed in their final exams in both high school and beyond.

To access the free ALISON Chemistry courses click on the following links

Basic Chemistry

Chemistry: Upper 1

Chemistry: Upper 2