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Basic Environmental Awareness Course Released

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As the Gulf of Mexico oil spill continues to ravage the American coastline, the free online course provider, is drawing attention to the environment with the release of its new Georgraphy course - 'Introduction to Environmental Awareness'.

As the USA and indeed the world are slowly coming to terms with the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, never has there been a more opportune moment to deliberate on the fragile nature of the environment and the role we play in it.

In April, eleven rig workers died when the Deepwater Horizon rig exploded off the Louisiana coast and sank causing a massive oil spill threatening the coast of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Texas, and Florida. White House energy advisor Carol Browner has dubbed the catastrophe "the worst environmental disaster" in US history and reports are emerging today that thick sheets of crude oil are spreading through the delicate wetlands of Louisiana.

As the slick insidiously creeps towards the American coastline, a heightened sense of environmental awareness is beginning to emerge.

Today has launched the first of a catalogue of courses on environmental awareness. The courses offer a clear, concise and practical explanation of resources and their management. The course also examines the effect of mismanagement of the earth's limited resources and examines examples of the effect of climate change in the context of Antarctica and Tropical rainforests.

The course is ideal for students studying for exams who wish to use the free interactive courses as a study aid to enhance learning or for anyone with an interest in the environment.

To access the free ALISON Environmental Awareness course click on the following link.

Introduction to Environmental Awareness