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ALISON saves lives through its free Health & Safety Courses

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The free online course provider, is delighted to celebrate World Day for Health & Safety at Work this Wednesday April 28th with a suite of new courses on Health and Safety.

People are entitled to carry out their work in a safe environment, free of harm. However often this most basic right is violated due to a dearth of information on workplace health and safety. Individuals are often exposed to safety and health risks from their work with the International Labor organization (ILO) estimating that some 6,000 workers die each day as a result of work-related accidents or illness. The total cost of such accidents and ill-health have been estimated by the ILO to equal 4 per cent of global GDP. More worryingly, occupationally-related deaths appear to be on the rise.

April 28th's Word Day for Safety and Health at work has been set up in recent years to draw attention to the incidence of work-related accidents and the measures that can be used to prevent them. Governments and health and safety authorities are encouraging companies and schools to educate their employees and students on the potentials hazards in the workplace. While many companies cannot afford to invest in health and safety programmes in the current economic climate, they can also ill-afford to ignore the potential dangers to their employees.

ALISON's free courses offer a solution to this problem. ALISON offer free interactive self-paced training courses and certification. To coincide with the World day for health and safety at work a new suite of courses have been launched covering behaviour-based safety and ergonomics. On completion of courses all learners are entitled to free certification.

These courses are ideal for schools and companies who wish to educate their employees free of charge. The benefits are numerous: employees are made aware of potential workplace hazards, work-related injuries and diseases are diminished which leads to reduced staff absenteeism and improved profitability for companies.

The free ALISON health and safety courses include

Managing Health and Safety in Schools
Workstation Ergonomics
Back Safety
Behavior Based Safety
Drug Free Workplace
Safety and Health in Construction
Safety and Health in the Science Laboratory for Teachers
Safety and Health in the Technology Classroom for Teachers
An Introduction to Managing Safety and Health in Schools
Get Safe - Work Safe: Workplace Safety and Health for Senior Cycle Students.