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The ALISON Educating Together Programme Provides a new Income Source for Libraries, Colleges and Schools

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ALISON Educating Together (AET) is an IT skills programme designed to allow libraries, colleges, schools, or any organization with a network of computers available to it to earn income while helping to promote basic IT skills training. The programme makes IT training accessible to all learners within local communities, regardless of their personal income or existing skill levels.

The AET programme makes a suite of high-quality interactive IT skills training courseware and a complementary online learner management system available to third-party training organizations, all completely free. The participating organizations benefit by being able to generate income from the programme which will help them to sustain their own programmes promoting IT literacy in their locality. Organizations that successfully apply to become AET Programme Partners are allowed to charge a nominal local fee for the learning service, which they are entitled to keep in full.

AET Programme Partners will also share equally in income resulting from the provision of official co-branded parchment certificates, or ALISON graduate merchandise such as T-shirts or Hoodies. All learners achieving an assessment average of 80% or more in their ALISON course are entitled to online certification and official printed parchment certificates are available to purchase.

The IT skills certification provided is the complete learning content of ALISON ABC IT which covers basic computing concepts, desktop applications and practical IT skills such as touch typing. Through the AET programme, ALISON offers a highly cost-efficient way to raise basic IT skills and awareness locally. Also through AET, ALISON offers the opportunity for AET Programme Partners to co-brand certificates and merchandise through their engagement in the programme, popularizing local learning and breaking down the ‘digital divide’.

ALISON Educating Together Programme Manager Kenneth Finn stated ‘Libraries, colleges and schools with networks of computers available to them are trying to replace reducing or disappearing funding. The AET programme provides an immediate and practical way for learners to improve their IT skills locally on these available networks. Meanwhile the AET Programme Partners can access the learner tracking system, manage the programme and fund their services.’

Interested AET Programme Partner applicants can register by visiting