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Southampton City Libraries and ALISON Educate Together

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The innovative ALISON Educating Together Program is training more UK learners than ever before, without Government Funding.

Young adults, the unemployed, immigrants and the elderly are key groups of residents of Southampton benefiting from an innovative online learning partnership now underway.

In partnership with the free online learning service ALISON, the Southampton City Libraries are now extending their free IT Training services across its eleven city libraries having successfully graduated 50 students through the ALISON Educating Together (AET) IT Literacy Program. The AET program is drawing attention from local governments worldwide as it allows libraries and other non-profit organizations to access its high quality interactive learning within a highly popular free learning management system, all for free. Against all the trends of recession, more people are now being trained in IT Literacy without government funding than ever before!

AET is an IT skills programme designed to allow libraries, colleges, schools, or any organization with a network of computers available to it to promote IT literacy in a sustainable way without need for additional funding. Commenting on the success of the AET programme to date, Alison Connolly, Learning Centre Manager, Southampton Central Library stated:

‘The extent to which learners enjoy their ALISON courses is evidence that the courses are pitched at the right level and that their IT Literacy programmes in particular are clear and easy to follow. All of our registered learners agree that it is a really useful tool in helping to learn the basics of using a computer for pleasure or to help with everyday life regardless of previous IT experience. Learners feel a real sense of achievement when they receive a high score at the end of an ALISON learning topic.’ Our aim is to make online learning available where residents find it most convenient, where possible the learning should be free or low-cost to those in receipt of benefits or a state pension.’

The AET pilot programme at Southampton City Libraries is now being opened up to other libraries across England and Scotland with Wales and Northern Ireland to follow later this year. Librarians from libraries across the country are encouraged to contact the AET programme manager Doug Prior to find out more.

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