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The latest Life Science education technology on show at OEB

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Technology in Life Science education is seeing a revolution and visitors to this December’s OEB education conference in Berlin will see a new tool to help teach future Doctors, Nurses, and Life Science professionals - Lt from ADInstruments.

Lt is a cloud based learning solution that includes fully customizable life science content using real patients. It is the only such software that can acquire life science data, and works exclusively with PowerLab.

“Lt combines great content and an intuitive cloud authoring platform designed to help educators teach the way they want to.” said David Newstead, Head of Education at ADInstruments.

“We’ve worked with some of the most forward thinking educators from universities around the world to create a product that is both powerful and easy to use.”

In an age where creating engaging and immersive content is the key to success, Lt comes with a resource library of content in their Patient Case Library, as well as a range of customizable pre-made lessons developed by ADInstruments’ scientific instructional designers.

“Flexibility is vital in education and Lt is ready for anything with off-the-shelf lessons that are easily customized, and a Patient Case Library of multimedia resources that an educators can use in their own lessons in the platform. We’ve spent a lot of time with educators and students finding out what works and what doesn’t in their online learning.” said Newstead.

“It had to be easy to use for both sides of the education equation, and we’ve achieved that with Lt. With Universities in the United States, United Kingdom and New Zealand already using Lt, and our content and software development continuing - We’re looking forward to showing how you can create and share inspirational lessons easily.”

“Thanks to ADInstruments’ experience and reputation from 27 years at the cutting edge of their field Lt was being used around the world before it was even on sale. Now it’s Europe’s chance to see it in action at OEB this December 2nd-4th.”