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Take charge of your career - a new career advice book

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'Take Charge!' is a new career guidance book written by Claire Coldwell, founder & managing consultant of Ad astra Career Management and UK president for the Association of Career Professionals International, designed for people looking for a change of job or a whole new career path.

Claire Coldwell - Ad astra
Claire Coldwell - Ad astra 

Claire Coldwell has been working in human resources, career consulting, career planning and career guidance for over fifteen years. "I wanted a different kind of career advice book," says Claire, "something which gives what people so often need when their career path is unclear - short, sharp inspiration. My aim was to write a book which works as a whole, but which people also can dip into as and when they need to, for timely career advice on a range of topics."

In her work, Coldwell often finds that people are wrestling with career path issues which they can't easily resolve. They may need career advice or guidance, they may want help reviewing their career options, they may be thinking about embarking on a new career path, considering a change of role or a new job entirely - or they might be unhappy in their current role and looking, as many are, for the 'right job'.

"People call me in when they need help and advice," says Coldwell. "I wanted the book to work in that way too; not a cover-to-cover read - which can be quite daunting - but a kind of 'virtual careers agony aunt', ready to answer your here-and-now questions. In my career guidance work, the same - or similar - questions often arise again and again, so I based the book on a distillation of my years of experience working with people who are seeking careers advice."

The book takes the role of the trusted careers adviser who you can call on for succinct, informed advice when you need it. It's not a structured life-changing programme, it's the equivalent of a quick phone call or e-mail - sound career advice which is specific to the work or career issue which you are grappling with right now, and which will provide immediate direction.

"'Take Charge!' is designed to answer most people's immediate career issues," says Coldwell. "And, because people change, hopefully people will keep the book with them, and it will remain relevant - a valued adviser - throughout their career."

The 228-page paperback book is available now from Amazon in the UK, selected branches of Waterstones and Ad astra's Web site: