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Information Transfer and Superquinn have been shortlisted for the 2007 E-Learning Awards in the category "best e-learning project securing widespread adoption"

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Dublin-based grocery retailer, Superquinn, has 22 supermarkets and is known for a very high level of customer service and for being the first to introduce new initiatives. Superquinn decided to devolve responsibility for staff training to each of the sites, incorporating e-learning as part of a blended learning programme. A suite of e-learning materials in each store would provide a flexible and consistent way for local managers to support staff development.

Working with Information Transfer, Superquinn developed the 'i-Learn' e-learning platform. I-Learn delivers a huge range of bespoke e-learning content, designed to meet the needs of Superquinn colleagues across all stores, complementing, but not replacing, existing face-to-face training. The focus is on induction and underpinning knowledge, essential for good customer services: product information, payment methods, store procedures and most importantly, food safety.

The training team faced some significant challenges: limited technical infrastructure, low levels of PC literacy, the difficulty or releasing customer-facing staff for training, many part-time workers, and staff for whom English was not a first language. They developed a pilot scheme to test how best to overcome these barriers to adoption, then rolled out the programme store by store, giving each a comprehensive introduction to the new system.

The programme was rolled out in June this year and the result has been excellent; i-Learn has been a remarkable success. Adoption has been impressive. E-learning is transforming the provision of training and development at Superquinn, and has won enthusiastic support at every level of the business. It is now a key tool in supporting store management. It provides consistent content, available whenever the store is open, which complements the on-the-job training and classroom courses.

"The Superquinn i-Learn system is one of the leading edge things we are doing. Response to the system from colleagues has been hugely positive and it has already proved effective at reaching people in all parts of the business. Most significantly, it has managed to develop that rarest of things: a real appetite amongst employees for more training and knowledge, which is a fantastic attribute for any learning system."
Simon Burke, Executive Chairman, Superquinn.

Results of the E-learning Awards will be announced on the 8th November.