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Priory Group launches new Intranet

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The Priory Group has launched a new corporate intranet designed by Information Transfer for its 5,000 staff located across the UK.

The bespoke content management software driving the site synchronizes seamlessly with the Group’s learning management system, also developed by Information Transfer. Staff are notified of, and can launch or book, training relevant to their role straight from the home page.

“Our new intranet is an internal resource that will become a valuable and enjoyable part of our working lives,” said Paul Greensmith, Priory Group Chief Operating Officer. “We are in a period of exciting external and internal growth. Investing in, and developing, our colleagues is a vital part of this, and the new intranet is key to staff development and communication.”

Priory’s commitment to learning and development features prominently on the new intranet. The learning management system publishes content to the user’s front page depending on his or her role, while content from the intranet also supports staff development programmes.

Content contributors at each of the Priory’s 45 sites are able to share best practice, news and information about their hospital or school. The system has been designed to make contributing new information and content as easy as possible, and the response from users has been positive.

“I found the site very user friendly and I came away from the training with the knowledge and confidence to update our site,” said Rose Anderson, one of the more than 80 people Information Transfer has trained on building content areas on the intranet.