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Information Transfer's work with Priory Group showcased at HRD

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A Priory Group director delivered an engaging and entertaining case study on blended learning to a large group of delegates at the annual Chartered Institute of Professional Development-run HRD conference at Olympia in London.

Alison Innes-Farquhar, Director of Learning and Development at Priory, presented the case study of 'Foundations for Growth' - the corporate blended learning programme developed in partnership with the UK-based training consultancy Information Transfer.

"Foundations for Growth has transformed learning and development at Priory," Alison said. "We've introduced a corporate learning management infrastructure and a wide range of online and offline content. We've created a truly integrated learning programme, blending different training approaches to meet our complex training needs."

The Priory Group is Europe's leading independent provider of acute and secure mental health, neuro-rehabilitation and specialist educational services.

As part of a conference session entitled 'Managing the Blend' Alison detailed the many challenges that had to be overcome to create and implement the programme. She also stressed the importance Priory placed on finding a supplier who could provide a perfect fit to their needs.

"The success of Foundations for Growth has been built on really understanding user requirements and taking a bespoke approach to meeting them," she said.

The presentation highlighted the need to create a strong identity for the new initiative and how this became a powerful force for internal marketing in the change management process.

Delegates benefited from a genuine 'hands-on' description of how a bold and imaginative approach to blended learning can generate real impact within the organisation. Alison concluded by describing how Foundations for Growth will be extended with Information Transfer during 2006 to include knowledge management tools, management training workshops, integration with the Group's Intranet, and podcasting.

To find out more about Information Transfer's work with Priory or about blended learning solutions in general, please contact Owen Rose - [email protected]