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QR codes help Mace Business School manage risk associated with training compliance

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accessplanit has integrated a QR code identification module into Mace Business School’s course administration software. This additional feature provides Mace delegates with instant real time information, helping to automate the process of managing risk associated with mandatory training.

Mace Business School exists to offer training to over 800 external companies who are part of Mace, one of the country’s largest consultancy and construction group’s supply chain.  Courses are run by Mace managers, senior project managers and directors and are focused on best practice and accredited at University level. The training is not Mace specific, it is transferable knowledge and in many cases several courses will be linked to one qualification.

Prior to the QR integration, all delegates receive a credit card style ‘passport’ with contact details and course completion information, which was stamped following the completion of each individual course.

Brian Moone, Director, Mace Business School explains: “The problem with the manual system was the time delay.  Cards were updated and issued annually so course accreditation could be up to a year out of date.  The QR system gives everyone instant access to a real time snapshot of accreditations, expiry dates, pending courses and booked course dates, reducing the risk of non-compliance.”

The QR code is printed on the delegate pass, and in addition to course information and contact details, also identifies delegates visually.  The codes can be read using a QR reader from a mobile device or computer, making the system accessible for all.  The information is held securely, allowing the url to be viewed or emailed without compromising access into the system.

“We did research other systems such as embedded microchips and magnetic strips, but the advantage of QR codes is that no specialist equipment is required”, adds Brian.

The greatest benefit to Mace is the real time information accessible to delegates, trainers and administrators, but additional benefits include time and resource spent on the production, distribution and update of the old credit card style passports which were prone to loss and deterioration.

Dave Evans, accessplanit MD adds: “This is a great example highlighting how existing training management software can be developed to bring added value.  The system is organic, with over 90% of our client base working with us on an on-going basis to develop and fine tune the system, enhancing functionality and maximising benefits for their business.