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AccessPlanit improves NHS Trust efficiency with bespoke Learning Management System

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AccessPlanit has created a new Learning Management System (LMS) for the world renowned Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Trust that increases efficiency and drastically reduces the cost of administration at the hospital.

The learning and development department of the Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Trust currently processes over 15,000 course bookings per year creating a huge administrative burden. Their NHS standard issue LMS proved to be slow and inflexible and wasted valuable time on administration. After a rigorous search and investigation into various leading software providers, AccessPlanit was chosen.

The selection team were extremely impressed by AccessPlanit’s ability to meet the Trust’s key requirements of:

• managing classroom training bookings
• hosting e-learning capabilities on the same system
• automated course bookings and administration
• a strong reporting system
• compliance management

The new LMS is designed to manage the entire learning process – from enrolling students and tracking their progress, to delivering tests and reporting costs. The most tangible benefit of the system is that through its streamlined process, the trust can easily train, manage and report on its 2500 current users with only 6 part-time system administrators.

Paul Mendes, Head of Learning and Development was extremely impressed with the approach and service offered by AccessPlanit saying, “Their service has been excellent. AccessPlanit were swift to reply to our requests for information and were extremely helpful with my many queries.”

“We also found that AccessPlanit has a flexible approach to customisation which was refreshing after the ‘we-know-best’ attitude we had encountered with many other suppliers.”

David Evans, Commercial Director at AccessPlanit said, “Accelerated course bookings and easy access to information will massively reduce the burden on the learning and development department, thus freeing up time for service improvement.”