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Learning News was at World of Learning at the NEC in October 2018...

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Interviews from World of Learning, October 2018
25 Oct 2018
Mental health awareness training
Alex Hathway, Nimble: mental health awareness project with Espirita
26 Oct 2018
Digital skills: does L&D understand it?
Paul Freeman, Global Knowledge, talks about building the future workforce
8 Nov 2018
Virtual reality training from Virtual College
Jaison Cresswell introduces C-Live
20 Nov 2018
Personal, just-in-time microlearning
Joe Birri on Unicorn’s mobile learning app, minds-i
15 Nov 2018
Chatbots in learning and development
Mike Newton on the progress Learning Pool is making with chatbot and AI
14 Nov 2018
Asma Shah: You Make It
Asma Shah talks about the You Make It programme for women in East London
24 Oct 2018
Chatbots and the learning experience
David Perring talks about the next big shift in learning
5 Nov 2018
Richard McCann on presenting
How teachers and business leaders inspired a career on the world stage
7 Dec 2018
People Experience at River Island
HR's role in supporting River Island's rapidly evolving business
29 Oct 2018
The Apprenticeship Levy in L&D
Ennis Reid, Quilter: funding L&D programmes with the apprenticeship levy
5 Dec 2018