Learning industry insights

Interviews with learning industry leaders

Debunking digital transformation
Euan Semple helping L&D to grab the opportunity
15 Apr 2019
Game design in learning
Karl Kapp explains how to think like a games designer
12 Apr 2019
Learning evaluation
Will Thalheimer sets out the priorities for evaluation
10 Apr 2019
21st Century Learning
Jane Hart - a new approach for how we live and work today
9 Apr 2019
Learntech trends
Dani Johnson at LT2019 on AI in learning
8 Apr 2019
L&D sentiment in 2019
Donald Taylor talks to Learning News about the L&D Global Sentiment Survey
16 Mar 2019
LearnTech landscape
David Perring, Fosway, on the learning technology landscape
15 Mar 2019
CIPD and L&D in 2019
Andy Lancaster sets out the challenges facing L&D and CIPD’s priorities
21 Jan 2019
Ed Monk, LPI
New roles in learning and LPI’s capability map
4 Oct 2018
Chatbots and the learning experience
David Perring talks about the next big shift in learning
5 Nov 2018
Digital transformation and learning
Fiona Leteney and David Perring at the Learning Technologies Summer Forum
14 Jul 2018
Laura Overton
Towards Maturity's Health Check

14 Jul 2018
David Wilson: The Learning Market
Part 1 - Digital transformation

27 Jun 2018
David Wilson: The Learning Market
Part 2 - Supply and innovation

11 Sep 2018
David Wilson: The Learning Market
Part 3 - Learning systems

12 Nov 2018
David Wilson: The Learning Market
Part 4 - Fosway’s 9-Grids

8 Jan 2019
Lori Niles-Hofmann
Learning Strategist, Lori Niles-Hofmann, explains data-driven learning design
3 Sep 2018
AI in Learning
Donald Clark talks to Learning News about artificial intelligence in learning
14 Jul 2018