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Virtual College enhances Safe Use of Insulin online training course to embrace new guidance

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Insulin, the drug used by millions of people with diabetes, has become the world-wide standard for essential and effective life-saving treatment. But, when administered incorrectly, insulin can cause significant harm and, in some cases, unnecessary fatalities. Virtual College have updated this important course to reflect new guidelines.


The treatment of hospital in-patients with diabetes is costing the NHS an estimated £10bn a year, yet according to the recent Diabetes Inpatient Audit (NaDIA June 2014) many staff do not know how to treat it. 

Virtual College’s Safe Use of Insulin online training course is already being used by a growing number of NHS and private healthcare organisations to address the diabetes care knowledge gap.  Updates to the course, developed by NHS England in partnership with Virtual College, include information on new insulin preparations issued by the British National Formulary and guidance on driving regulations issued by DVLA.

All healthcare professionals who prescribe, prepare, handle or administer insulin should undergo training to meet guidance set out by NHS England Patient Safety Domain.

The Safe Use of Insulin course promotes its safe and effective use by outlining common errors associated with insulin, and provides information on how these problems can be avoided.

This course has been independently certified as conforming to universally accepted Continuous Professional Development (CPD) guidelines and is available from Virtual College as part of the subscription based National Patient Safety Training Suite. It can also be purchased as an individual online course.

All courses within the National Patient Safety Training Suite can be accessed free of charge by staff employed by organisations that subscribe to the online training. For organisations not yet subscribing to the training suite different subscription options are available depending on the size of the organisation.

For more information on the National Patient Safety Training Suite call 01943 885086 or visit