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“The Gamification Game” Announced by Elliott Masie

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The MASIE Center is organizing "The Gamification Game" to explore and examine the role of Gamification and Learning.

The Gamification Game
The Gamification Game 

“Gamification and Learning is one of those interesting, evolving, changing, over-hyped and challenging topics in our field,” says Elliott Masie, Host and Curator of Learning 2014.  The MASIE Center is organizing "The Gamification Game" to explore and examine the role of Gamification and Learning.

"The Gamification Game" will be a vendor-neutral look at these engagement and contest models - with an eye to how they are applied to learning activities.  Conference participants will use high tech, low tech and even a few games aimed at the introverts in the community to explore the role that Gaming can play in increasing engagement for some people on some tasks. 

Masie says that “Many conferences are using functions in a mobile app that provide points for people talking to suppliers or networking with others.  We wanted to go deeper and explore what works or does not work with Gamification - exploring a wider set of Games, Gamification Packages and Methods.”

According to Masie, Games and Gamification are cousins but quite different.  Some see Gamification as a lower cost, easy-to-implement "layer" added on top of a learning activity - that will increase participation and excitement - leading to better experiences and outcomes.  Some see Gamification as a layer without the power or impact of game theory - with a lower and less sustainable result.

Gamification software is popping up, often targeted at Customer Engagement or Participant Engagement in a corporate collaborative space.  Gamification is often linked to "badges" or public awards for degrees of involvement.  And, many companies are experimenting with Gamification wrapped around internal social networks or innovation contests.

Throughout the conference, The MASIE Center will provide multiple options, experiences and discussions for participants to use, evaluate and discuss different Gamification approaches.  The "Game" part of this will explore what is REAL, what is HYPE, what is NOT YET and what is TOMORROW in this world.

Learning 2014 will be held in Orlando, Florida from October 26 to 29, 2014.

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Learning 2014 is produced by The Learning CONSORTIUM, a collaborative of 230 global corporations, focused on improving workplace learning and training.  Hosted and curated by Elliott Masie, Learning 2014 brings together several thousand learning professionals as they focus on the changing nature of workplace education and development.  Learning 2014 keynote speakers include Robin Roberts, ABC’s Good Morning America, Chef Bobby Flay, Sir Ken Robinson, Elliott Masie and more.

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