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“LMS & Learning Systems Forum” Announced by Elliott Masie for Learning 2014

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LMS, LCMS and Learning Systems are evolving and changing. Elliott Masie has announced the “LMS & Learning Systems Forum” for Learning 2014, to be held in Orlando from Oct 26th to 29th.

LMS  Learning Systems Forum
LMS Learning Systems Forum 

Elliott Masie has announced a special "LMS and Learning Systems Forum" to be held at Learning 2014, taking place October 26-29 in Orlando, Florida.

“LMS, LCMS and Learning Systems are evolving, changing and in some cases getting ‘tired’,” says Masie, Host of Learning 2014 and Chair of the Learning CONSORTIUM.
There will be a special "LMS and Learning Systems Forum” at Learning 2014 to address the challenges and changes in LMS and Learning. 

Topics will include:

  • The Changing Role of Learning Systems and LMS in the Workplace?
  • Why Do Many Organizations View their LMS as "Tired or Lazy"?
  • Shrinking or Expanding the Role of the LMS?
  • Can the LMS Deliver Personalized Learning?
  • Adding Video and User Content to the LMS!
  • Are LMS Apps Around the Corner?
  • Pricing Shifts in LMS and Learning Systems?
  • Leveraging Social & Collaborative Elements in an LMS!
  • Learning Systems and Tin Can/Experience API?
  • Alternatives to LMS and Learning Systems

These issues and topics will be discussed in a series of sessions and discussions at Learning 2014. Participants can attend all or just one of these activities. There will also be a Featured Panel for the LMS & Learning Systems Forum to provide changing perspectives from both Corporate Learning Leaders and LMS Providers.  

Learning 2014 will be held in Orlando, Florida from October 26 to 29, 2014. 
Early Registration Discounts and Group Discounts now available. Registration is available online at

Learning 2014 is produced by The Learning CONSORTIUM, a collaborative of 230 global corporations, focused on improving workplace learning and training. Hosted and curated by Elliott Masie, Learning 2014 brings together several thousand learning professionals as they focus on the changing nature of workplace education and development. Learning 2014 keynote speakers include Robin Roberts, Anchor of Good Morning America, Chef Bobby Flay, Sir Ken Robinson, Elliott Masie and more.

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